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Kids Karate, Martial Arts for Kids
Kids Karate

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Grand Rapids Jeet Kune Do, JKD

Adult Karate

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Jeet Kune Do


Preschool Karate
Lil Dragons
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Adult Karate: The martial arts isn't just for kids. We encourage our student's physical, mental & spiritual  development. You will improve your physical fitness, muscle tone, increased enery while reducing stress, gaining higher self esteem, better concentration & focus and make new friends. You will learn a great self defense system that is a blend of Tiger, Dragon & Crane styles of Kung Fu. We donít depend on brute force or physical strength for a person to effectively defend themselves. With our circular blocks anyone can successfully redirect an attack.

Kids Karate: Increase your child's self confidence, attention span, focus, balance, hand-eye coordination and humility while getting in shape, learning great self defense techniques and making new friends while learning our traditional marital art.

Lil Dragons: Give your preschool child an edge in life with great life skills, focus and self defense! We work on life skills like respect, self discipline, good manners and a "yes I can" attitude. We also work on colors, shapes, counting and getting ready for school and life.

Thai Kickboxing: will challenge your entire body while teaching you practical punching, kicking and blocking technique.  Itís safe, fun to learn and guaranteed to make you look and feel better than ever.   

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD)  or Way of Intercepting Fist, emphasizes effective self defense techniques using minimal movements with maximum effect and extreme speed. The system is designed with techniques flowing smoothly one to the other. Bruce Lee described Jeet Kune Do as a "style without style" or "the art of fighting without fighting."

We are proud and excited to offer Lessons in Mindfulness. Designed for adults 35 and over, this comprehensive course for adults introduces the mental and philosophical aspects of the Martial Arts. Not only will we get you in great shape and teach you practical self-defense, but through this ancient philosophy, you will reduce your stress, strengthen your mind and develop your spirit.

Enough waiting on the sidelines, it is time for you to hit the mats, break through your limitations and reach your truest potential!


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94% of our kids are on the honor roll at school!

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